About Us

Mission: To praise God by providing help in the counseling area.

Vision: To promote the development of biblical counseling in Ukraine and Russian-speaking countries.



1. To help churches prepare servants and active church members in the area of counseling:

a. Through intensive study in the 3-year program of the ‘Coram Deo’ International Institute of Counseling;

b. Through practical training at the Counseling and Training Center.

2. To take care of people who want to get help for their soul through biblical counseling.

3. To promote biblical counseling by writing respective publications and placing them on the internet, as well as publishing specialized literature.



1. Teach the servants in strict correspondence with the Bible (the Sola Scriptura principle). Relying on the Holy Spirit, we believe that the most effective way for us to train servants is by putting them in teams. Using the full richness of the Bible, we seek the proper understanding of its truths, and use it for applying with grace to the heart of every particular person. We want to multiply Biblical counseling teams in churches by involving gifted graduating students of the ‘Coram Deo’ International Institute of Counseling and equipping them with necessary tools for building their congregations.

2. Assist those who approach our Center for counselor’s help to grow in worshipping God and obeying the Scripture. In addition, to teach people to analyze their own heart, revealing sinful desires and inclinations at the right time and getting rid of them by repentance and renewal of their mind. Teach them to grow in holiness and transform into the image of Christ.

3. Unite all practicing counselors of Ukraine and neighboring countries around the Counseling and Training Center for subsequent cooperation, sharing of experience and help to each other.

4. Provide people from different regions of the country information about the closest counselors who could be contacted for qualified assistance.


The Reasons for Opening

1. Most churches cannot provide qualified assistance to people in the area of biblical counseling.

2. Servants need to be equipped with the necessary skills for practical counseling in their churches.

3. To help broken people whose hearts were treated frivolously (Jer. 6:14) or who did not receive the proper help (Ezek. 34:2).